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Discover what makes Charnwood Forest famous, and travel back nearly 600 million years.

An image of the side of Bardon Hill Quarry, showing a cross section through a large v-shaped valley, infilled with red sandstone.
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Bardon Hill

Climb to the highest point in Leicestershire, and look back to an ancient valley that's more than a quarter of a billion years old!

Inclined rocky crags, with several trees in the middle distance
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Billa Barra

Stand on an ancient hill with views that reach out across the Geopark.

A river runs through a small valley. The sky is blue.
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Bradgate Park – Little Matlock

Explore a beautiful river, tracing the course of ancient water...

Rocky crags at Bradgate Park, next to the Old John tower.
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Bradgate Park – Old John

Delve into ancient sediments and how they were deposited.

The ruins of the old Bradgate House in Bradgate Park
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Bradgate Park – Ruins Outcrop

Delve into Bradgate Parks fiery geological past.

A view of stable pit in Bradgate Park. The ruins are visible in the background.
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Bradgate Park – Stable Pit

From Stable Pit to shallow Cambrian seas.

A rock outcrop with an oak tree growing out of it.
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Bradgate Park – The Swiss Roll

Instability in the rocks of Bradgate Park...

A view from inside the dark cave-like structure at Forest Rock, out into the sunshine
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Forest Rock

A secluded spot among the picturesque village of Woodhouse Eaves.

A small outcrop of granite-like rock in the middle of a field.
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Halstead Road Centenary Pasture

Explore the Geopark's eastern magmatic past.

A sunny day at Morley Quarry Local Nature Reserve
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Morley Quarry

Journey back to where it all began, with the oldest rocks in Charnwood Forest.

View of a path the takes the route of an old railway cutting. There are lots of trees and vegetation. Rocky outcrops are visible.
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Shepshed Cutting

Journey along a historic railway line, and discover the hidden geological treasures...

Inclined rocky crags, with several trees in the middle distance



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A picnic basket full of food. A sign says "Edible Forest"
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Where to Eat

There's a restaurant, cafe, or pub for every taste in the Charnwood Forest Geopark.

Two people sit eating a meal out the front of a small accommodation building in the countryside
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Where to Stay

Find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Charnwood Forest

A view of Mount St. Bernard's Abbey with a blue sky background.
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From medieval deer parks, to trappist abbeys, there's something for everyone in Charnwood Forest.