Delve a little deeper and discover the amazing stories behind our natural and cultural heritage, as well as specially designed educational resources.

Included centimetre thick layers of rock, with out of focus green landscape in the background.

Our Geodiversity

From rolling hills to crag-topped peaks, our landscapes are home to more than forty different rock types, some of which contain fossils of our oldest known animal ancestors.

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A red deer stag making its call on a ridge in Bradgate Park.
A group of small mushrooms growing on a moss-covered log

Our Biodiversity

Charnwood Forest’s ancient rocks have given rise to a complex mosaic of wildlife-rich habitats and distinctive landscapes. Discover more about our ancient woodlands, heathland, majestic wildflower meadows and nationally rare wildlife.

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Our Cultural Heritage

Extending over fifteen thousand years from the Upper Palaeolithic to the modern day, the historic landscape of Charnwood Forest offers an exciting array of cultural heritage. Discover our incredible story.

Charnwood Forest

Educational Resources

Working with local educators, we’ve created a range of free teaching resources that focus on the landscape of Charnwood Forest.

A group meets in a field, in summer, for scything training


Find out about how we can help you to develop new skills that will support the management of Charnwood Forest.

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A research stands next to a discoidal fossil


Charnwood Forest is home to some of the most important fossil discoveries ever made, but not all research here is geological…

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Reconnect with nature in Charnwood Forest Geopark

There are many ways you can help and support Charnwood Forest Geopark – discover the one that works for you.

An area of woodland, the floor of which is covered in bluebells