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Find out about how we can help you to develop new skills that will support the management of Charnwood Forest

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Develop Your Skills

Our Skills Training Programme is enabling people to develop new expertise, which in turn supports a wide variety of initiatives that strengthen Charnwood Forest’s landscape and heritage assets.

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A group of teachers is trying our a classroom exercise sorting different types of pebbles

Help us make the most of Charnwood Forest’s incredible environment

Our Skills Training Programme offers training for everyone interested in the incredible landscape of Charnwood Forest. Training will include habitat management, repairing stone walls, woodland and heathland management, wildlife recording and monitoring, geology, landscape surveying, hedge-laying and woodcrafts as well as courses that will support small community groups and business to make the most of Charnwood Forest’s landscape and heritage. Whether you’re already part of a local group, or you’re an individual who wants to find ways in which to get involved in supporting this wonderful environment, browse our training opportunities or contact us for further information.


explore Charnwood Forest's most important discoveries

Each year researchers publish new findings based on studies in and on Charnwood Forest. Discover what has been uncovered…

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A stone cottage with a thatched roof. There are others in the distance.

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a place for everyone

There’s a place for everyone in Charnwood Forest. Isn’t it time you visited Britain’s unexpected upland?

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