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Working Together

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Our Geopartner Network is a group of organisations who support the Geopark and work together to build strong communities. Geopartners receive special events and training provided by the Geopark, as well as publicity through the website and social media. Organisations with a visitor experience, retail offer, accommodation, or event space will receive a listing on the official Geopark website map.

They are also entitled to display the special Geopartner logo within their organisation. Geopartners can be any kind of organisation, from businesses and community groups to schools and parish councils.

Membership of the Geopartner Network is free for the duration of the Geopark’s funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Following this (likely 2026 onwards) it is expected that there will be a small annual fee.

Meet The Geopartner Network

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Our Geopartner Pledge

To ensure that Geopartners work together, support the aims of the Geopark, and build strong, healthy communities, Geopartners are required to commit to a simple, short pledge:

The Geopartner Pledge

Charnwood Forest Geopark and our Geopartners are committed to the sustainable development of our region, protecting what makes the Geopark special and increasing people’s understanding of its many facets.

By joining our Geopartner Network, Geopartners pledge to:

1. Celebrate Charnwood Forest – Our Geopartners pledge to promote the region’s geological, biological, and cultural heritage to both residents and visitors.

2. Work Together – Our Geopartners pledge to collaborate with each other and the Geopark, sharing knowledge and supporting one another through the Geopartner Network.

3. Conserve our Heritage – Our Geopartners pledge to care for the landscape of Charnwood Forest, and the geological, biological, and cultural heritage within it. Geopartners may not sell geological specimens such as fossils or minerals.

4. Protect the Environment – Our Geopartners pledge to consider the environment, noting the Geopark’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our Geopartners understand that a strong local economy is reliant on a healthy environment.

5. Support the Community – Our Geopartners pledge to help build strong communities, supporting local employment, and where possible sourcing products and services locally. Our Geopartners engage with local community groups, and contribute to projects.

The logo of Geoproducts, featuring the words Charnwood Forest Geoproducts, and a graphical representation of the fossil Charnia.


If you produce a product that is made from local ingredients or materials, then you may also be eligible to use the Charnwood Forest Geoproduct logo. This brand celebrates products of Charnwood Forest that use local ingredients and materials, and that connect their product to the landscape or geology of Charnwood Forest. The Geoproduct range already includes wine, honey, and venison, so why not add yours today!

Join the Geopartner Network

Interested in joining the Geopartner Network? Complete for form below, confirming your commitment to the Geopartner Pledge, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details on joining the Network.


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