Bradgate Park - Stable Pit

From Stable Pit to shallow Cambrian seas.

A view of stable pit in Bradgate Park. The ruins are visible in the background.

Taking the path south of the Bradgate House ruins, you will cross a small bridge over the River Lin. Over to your right hand side you will see a large rocky outcrop – Stable Pit. This site is named as this area of the park used to contain the stable buildings, and the rocks themselves – the Stable Pit Member – are named after the site.

Take a close look at the rock. You will see it is made of many small, rounded, sand grains – it is a sandstone. Most of the grains are smooth and round, and they are mostly the same size. This sandstone was deposited in a shallow tidal sea setting in the Cambrian period, around 530 million years ago.

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