Morley Quarry

Journey back to where it all began, with the oldest rocks in Charnwood Forest.

A late evening view of a rocky face of an old quarry.

Morley Quarry is a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and a Regionally Important Geological Site (RIGS) on the southern side of Shepshed.

Situated at the end of Morley Lane in Shepshed, Morley Quarry provides a great place to explore the outdoors and learn about the geology of Charnwood Forest.

Morley Quarry is a disused quarry home to magnificant rock faces which were formed nearly 600 million years ago. Alongside these rocks of the Ives Head Formation, when you look on the southern face you will be able to observe the overlying Triassic sediments from 230 million years ago. Morley Quarrys most ancient treasure is, however, hidden from view. Coring through the base of the quarry allowed geologists to explore a staggering 800 metres below the land’s surface, and it was here that a new geological unit was discovered. The Morley Lane Volcanics, known only from the core drilled at this site, are the oldest known rocks in Charnwood Forest, and were formed by lava flows in a time when this area of England lay in the southern hemisphere!

The site is around 3 hectares in size and provides fantastic and far-reaching views of Charnwood.

It offers a short but at times steep circular walk over the top of the quarry.

There is also a small pond which is a valuable breeding site for the common toad.

There are a number of information boards situated across the site to provide visitors with information about the age of the rocks, wild flowers and toads.

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