The Charnwood Spider. Image taken by Alan Cann.
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Charnwood Forest Wildlife Recording – The “Charnwood” (and other) Spiders

This event is being run by Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust (LRWT), as part of the National Lottery Heritage Fund project that supports Charnwood Forest Geopark.

As a part of the Charnwood Forest Landscape Partnership Project, LRWT will be delivering the next installment of the Charnwood Forest Wildlife Recording sessions online, with a focus of the “Charnwood” (and other) spiders. Spider expert, Alan Cann, will be joining us to discuss Leicestershire’s spiders. He will talk about our most unusual spider. Along the way, you’ll hear about ants and eyes, DNA and ice ages, and other lost relicts of the landscape.

For more information on Leicestershire’s spiders, and to record your own finds, go to:

This talk will take place on Zoom. To book your place go to: