A view of blue sky up through a clearning in the forest.
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Sound Artist Sought For Geopark Project

Applications Have Now Closed

Geopark partner organisation Charnwood Arts is looking for a sound artist who can work with them to collect and collate ‘Sounds of Charnwood Forest’, working with new and existing partners of the Geopark project. The sounds will be used to create soundscapes, capturing natural environmental sounds, bubbling streams, the bustle of the wildlife, traditional forest activities, birdsong and a whole lot more besides. Set against the backdrop of ambient music, the soundscapes finalised in our SoundRoom studio will be used to promote mindfulness and the chance to connect with nature through sounds of Charnwood Forest involving anyone with an interest in audio, music and wellbeing.

If this is you, then contact: info@charnwoodarts.com for an informal chat and to find out more about this proposed project.
Sounds of Charnwood Forest is one of the projects Charnwood Forest are delivering as part of the partnership with Charnwood Forest Geopark, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Charnwood Arts are the creative partner in the Geopark Landscape Partnership Scheme, and their role is to work with the local community to engage them with being creative with and within the Forest through arts activities.

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