Examples of animal remains found in sediment samples from Groby Pool (clockwise from top left): Cristatella mucedo statoblast, Percid scale, Piscicola geometra egg cocoon, Pike (Esox lucius).
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The Secrets of Groby Pool Mud: An Online Public Talk

Join Charnwood Forest Geopark for a special online public talk by Professors Helen Bennion and Carl Sayer of University College London. They will introduce you to the wonderful world of palaeoecology, and the dynamic series of changes in the Groby Pool ecosystem their research has revealed… from looking at the mud!

The Secrets of the Groby Pool Mud with Prof Helen Bennion and Prof Carl Sayer, Department of Geography, UCL

Groby Pool is a small (12 ha), shallow (<1.1 m mean depth) medieval artificial lake in the East Midlands of England. As one of only a few standing waterbodies in Leicestershire and with its once diverse aquatic plant communities, it has attracted naturalists since the mid-eighteenth century and has one of the best recorded botanical histories in the region. These records reveal a clear shift towards plant species characteristic of nutrient-rich conditions and suggest that the lake has experienced eutrophication over the last few hundred years. Against this backdrop, we have conducted a series of palaeoecological studies, involving analysis of biological remains of plants and animals preserved in lake sediment cores, to further elucidate the history of the lake and to better understand the timing, causes and nature of ecological change. In our talk we will introduce you to the wonderful world of palaeoecology and the dynamic series of changes in the Groby Pool ecosystem revealed by the mud.

Monday 11th March, 7:30pm

No specialist knowledge is required, just an interest to learn more about the natural history of Charnwood Forest.

This event is provided by Charnwood Forest Geopark, and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The event takes place during British Science Week.

The talk will be online, and you can watch it via any of the options below:

Youtube: https://youtube.com/live/7W7vrEWeqBQ

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