A replica of the fossil Charnia masoni. The scale bar indicates the fossil must be around 21 cm long.
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Helen Boynton Memorial Lecture

We are pleased to announce that this year’s ProGEO Symposium keynote presentation, to be delivered as the Helen Boynton Memorial Lecture, will be given by Dr Jonathan Larwood, Principal Adviser – Geodiversity at Natural England.

Helen Boynton was a geologist and local resident who is best remembered for her significant work to celebrate and conserve the Precambrian fossils of Charnwood Forest. Her careful work led to the discovery of new fossil sites, as well as work to promote research on and protection of these internationally significant geosites. Helen sadly died in 2020. This year’s Keynote Address is given in her memory.

Further details of Dr Larwood’s talk can be found below:

England’s National Nature Reserves: An Exemplar in Telling a Country’s Geological History

National Nature Reserves (NNRs) are among England’s best places for biodiversity and geodiversity. The first NNRs were declared over 70 years ago and today there are 225 NNRs in England, about two thirds managed by Natural England. They are places to conserve our natural heritage, foster research, and inspire people. There is a new ambition to tell England’s geological history through the NNR network – working with both existing and new NNRs. This presentation will explore over 70 years of conserving the fossil record, the principles and practice that have been developed, and the potential to tell the story of life and our changing world through our NNR collection.

This event is free to attend, and open to the public. All other events that are part of the ProGEO Symposium require registration to the Symposium.

The event is part of Charnwood Forest Geopark’s celebrations for UNESCO International Geodiversity Day.