The UNESCO Executive Board meeting at UNESCO HQ in Paris.
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Geoparks LIVE! 2024: Watch Live As UNESCO Approves 18 New Geoparks

While it might be a few more years before Charnwood Forest Geopark applies to UNESCO, join us for live commentary and coverage of the UNESCO Executive Board as they approve 18 new Global Geoparks! Featuring live coverage of the proceedings from UNESCO HQ in Paris, you will be guided through the debates and procedures of the 219th UNESCO Executive Board by Dr Jack Matthews. The livestream will feature an introduction to each of this year’s candidate Geoparks, and well as coverage of the moment when Executive Board approves their application to become UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Broadcast time may be updated as more information becomes available of when the Geoparks agenda item will be voted on. Note that there will be a vote on the Geoparks nominations at the PX Commission of the Executive Board – likely on March 21st – but the new Geoparks will not be formally approved until the report and recommendations of the PX Commission are approved at the Plenary Meeting on March 27, which is what the livestream will be covering.

You can watch our livestream via any of the following links:

Charnwood Forest is an Aspiring Geopark from Leicestershire in the United Kingdom.