A collage of various artists' reflections on Charnwood Forest Geopark
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Geopark Visiting Artists Day

Join us for a day of workshops, interventions, presentations, and films that respond to the environment of Charnwood Forest Geopark.

LU Arts and Charnwood Forest Geopark invited three artists to engage with this site of globally significant geology, as well as landscape rich with wildlife and heritage.  Following a period of research involving walking, recording and observing the artists will present outputs that offer different perspectives on the natural environment and rich heritage of Charnwood Forest Geopark.

The day, on January 20th, has been structured so that you can attend all three artist events and each is located in different parts of the Geopark. Why not make a day of it starting with Andrea’s workshop, followed by Frances’ talk and presentation and ending with Becky’s moving image work and artistic interventions at Morley Quarry. 

All the events are free. Booking is required for Andrea’s workshop and Frances’ talk. 

Please see individual links to the LU website for further details on the events, the locations, accessibility and online booking. 

Andrea Abbatangelo – Randomness

10am – 1pm, January 20th
Starting and finishing at The Outwoods car park 

Artist-led workshop encouraging a deeper engagement with nature through listening, observing and exploring the natural environment of the Geopark. 

Find out more about Andrea’s event

Booking Required: BOOK HERE

Frances Scott – Holotype (2024)

2-3pm, January 20th
Woodhouse Eaves Youth and Community Centre 

Talk and moving image presentation 

Find out more about Frances’ event on the LU website

Booking Required: BOOK HERE

Becky Lyon – Geohaptics. In touch with Morley Quarry

1-4pm, January 20th
St Mary’s in Charnwood Church and Morley Quarry 

Moving image presentation and on-site artist interventions.  

Find out more about Becky’s event